The Metis Movement!

  • Metis Movement
    Metis - The Greek Goddess of Practical Wisdom and Counsel for Mature Women.
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    We provide a full range of career support services to help you maximize your journey.
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    The Metis Movement was created to support the individual careers of woman in technology.
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    Join the Metis Movement NOW and S.O.A.R (strategize, optimize, accelerate, retain) with us.
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    Metis is there to help you navigate and innovate your technology career.

Helping women SOAR with careers in technology.

Strategize: Create a solid strategy for a successful career.
Optimize: Identify and assess your strengths for optimal results.
Accelerate: Learn and grow with discussions, training and coaching to accelerate your career.
Retain: Control your skills, talent, and future no matter where your career takes you.

Services Offered

  • Coaching to create a strategy for personal success.
  • Education and development targeted to support your chosen path.
  • Discussion communities based on YOUR career goals and level.
  • Support you need along your career journey.